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One business in my town.

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  • One business in my town.

    This business popped up last year in my area. They Call themselves "One Call". They have all sorts of different vehicles in town and offer Lawn care, carpet cleaning, pressure washing, painting, house keeping, trash hauling, handyman service, and I am not sure what else.

    Here is one of their lawn care rigs. Sorry I couldn't get the whole thing in the picture, but you get the idea.

    Northern California

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    Hey Brandon....

    WOW! that is the sickest truck/rig I've ever seen. I bet business is good for them, since they have all sorts of services... talking about Property magnmt inside out!

    ...theres a couple of 'Big Dogs' rigs but not like this one. I'll try to snap a picture of them one of this days.
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      Wow...somebody has a lot of money. I can definitely see there being advantages to businesses like that, especially for larger clients that need lots of different services. That being said, the sheer size of the operation could scare away a lot of customers. I definitely wouldn't want a rig like that pulling up in front of my house to mow my lawn.


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        My gosh Brandon! What is all that stuff on their trailer and truck!

        Great picture by the way.

        What do you think of their set up?
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          I dont know what all they have. Next time I see them, I will try to get some better pics. I think they have 2 or 3 of these exact rigs running around. This picture cuts off 5 or 6 ft. of the trailer. They do almost all commercial accounts, I have seen them at a few residentials too, but mostly upper class.
          The whole setup is pretty sweet though.
          Northern California


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            Holy moly.............

            I'm speechless........


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              I've seen this kind of setup before but not a lawn care truck like that


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                that's a really nice truck


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