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How To Get Paid By Your Customers While You Sleep

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  • How To Get Paid By Your Customers While You Sleep

    Hey everyone. There is a lot of information on here. I am blown away. So many business owners.

    I've recently added automatic payments to my business and I don't see any posts on here about this in this forum.

    Steve said to share information and help others so I just want to make my first post worthwhile.

    If you don't have your customers on an automatic payment system, I would suggest you start looking for one ASAP. I don't want to sound all salesman-like but it cut my admin time down big time and 99% of my customer accounts are paid up with little to no hassles.

    Thanks to Jeff from A-Z Gardening in California for telling me about this and kicking my butt into gear to get with the program. If you read this Jeff, you ROCK!

    Let me know what you all think about this TOPIC. I REALLY feel it's important for our industry.


    Lawn King Chris
    So. Cali.

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    Good call chris... we decided to do this a while ago and it has been working well for us... there are a few threads on here about recurring billing.... I think everyone will be glad to read this.... there are alot of options for this also... in fact most give a 30 day trial... google search recurring cc payments or something similar


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