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    I've had some ideas on my mind for a while now & I've read the posts on here about the national association of landscape professionals that is being set up & I love the concept. Though I really don't see it working very well on a national level or at least not until years & years are spent developing it. *

    I have met several LCO's here locally & bounced individual concepts off of several to get a reaction & see if there is an intrest.

    We'll in the last 2 weeks I have spent some time talking in person or via phone with 4 or 5 other lco's *here in my area & told them I am beggining to organize an association in there area. *Everyone has been all for it & eager to help. *In addition each operator has had a some great input on different things we can incorporate into this. *Here are a few.

    1) Create a "deadbeat list" of local non payers to avoid other members geting burned by the same people.
    2) Possibly be able to get group rate type discounts on health insurance for ourselves & our families.
    3) of course it would also add another level of credibility too.
    4) negotiate some discounts with local suppliers.

    One potential member of this as yet disorganized association had what I think is a great idea provided we keep the association limited to a reatively small number of good guys ( no slimy characters). *We could kind of self insure one another in the way of short term disability. *What I mean is if if operator A is a one man show & has say 70 accounts. *If he slips & breaks a leg or something of that nature he would normally be screwed & likely lose many clients & thus lose his families income. *In this case the rest of the association could split his accounts taking say 8-10 each to maintain temporarily, operator A, still gets paid (maybe reimbursing for fuel) but other than that he survives & it's not enough to make or break anyone else so we could kinda lean on one another if someone has an unfortunate accident or freak illness. *

    * I plan to get these 5 or 6 of us in the same room in the next couple weeks to sit & talk together about these ideas & more & I'm trying to track information about making this a viable legal association.

    What do you guys think?

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    I think it sounds like a good idea! I could help you promote it here if you wanted to attract more interest!

    What do you have to do next to get going with it?
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      We'll 1st thing is like I said above, get together & see what everyones thoughts are and find out if there is true intrest in doing this (I think there is). Then I need to find out what's intailed in setting it up leagally & legitimately. I'd like to be able to offer certificates of membership & get a graphics company to make up some decals for everyones trucks & trailers too once I get this established.


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        Do you have skype I would like to chat with you lets talk. I like ideas and we are also forming a association here in michigan. LETS TALK


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          Chuck... are you taking any members from Jersey?? lol... My buddy and I tried this last year and in fact, some of these guys still work together, and some fell by the wayside... One of my only issues with this is that you really need to know who you are getting into bed with! And if fact, if there was a problem, you need to know that they will be there, NO EXCUSES!! You know as well as I do, a good idea is a good idea. Everybody says... that sounds awesome, until its time to put up!!

          I think the concept is great, as we talked about on the phone, BUT, I think its gonna be a lot of work (for you) and not much results. (I hope not&#33 Unfortunately, too many guys are in it for themselves and dont give a crap about anyone else.

          I really wanna know how you make out with your meeting next week, and how you know these guys and all.

          I Honestly wish you the best of luck with it!!

          Ill dig up the concepts I had for the NJPCN (New Jersey Preferred Contractors Network).

          Also on a side note, How did you make out with that card dealership thing you have going on?

          BTW Steve: Just to let you know, Chuck and I got a chance to have a few phone conversations... I think I made a friend...LOL.... I guess there are some good guys left out there!! LOL


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            Yeah Jamie, I know I need to watch out here ( & I will ) but thanks for the warning.

            As far as the deal with my advertising at the auto shop... well I just got it in place about 2.5 weeks ago, my cards are being taken & I've seen people take them, but I haven't gotten any phone calls yet so we'll see!?

            & hey, thanks for considering me one of the "good guys" & for not considering me a ahhh... "good ole boy" lol.

            I have been in florida a long time... but not that long!


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              Would this be run as a not for profit entity? Or what would be the best way to go about organizing it?
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                I'm not really sure how we will set it up yet. I don't know enough about doing it yet so I know going in I'm kinda bitting off more than I can chew but I think it will be worth it & I'm willing to t the work in to make it happen.

                If anybody has advice on this please, by all means let me know!


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                  It takes money to make money...membership fees are justified if you can offer something in exchange for the fees. You'll need some scratch too if you wanna do any advertising, logo designs, or anything else. Its kinda like starting a business again.


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                    Yeah I suppose so, I kinda felt the fees for the NLLPA were a bit steep though.... $700 a year. As far as something in exchange for the fees..... Like leads? Being I'm starting this thing with limited capital & my advertising budget is tight for my business it would be even tighter for the association as of right now. I think the current benifits to members now would be:
                    1) access to the dead beat list we mentioned above.
                    2) A group of others who'd "have your back" if you got hurt.
                    3) Possibly better insurance rates.
                    4) discounts from suppliers
                    5) an added level of credibility with customers & a more professional perception for being a member of such a group.

                    That's all I've got right now I think. ??


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