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What do you wear for sun protection?

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  • What do you wear for sun protection?

    I'm in southern sunny Florida, It gets darn hot & I'm a bald guy. Last summer I packed on the spf 50 every morning, wore a short sleeve company polo shirt, pants, & a fishing type brim hat. I hate wearing hats but I gotta do it. Anybody found any hats that block the sun but breath really well?

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    Columbia makes a great hat. It is super light, flexible, and I bought it at Sports Authority for around $20. Kinda like this one.
    Northern California


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      you know, I should better start wearing some protection... LOL! this is my 2nd year and last year my wife always makes me keep a sunblock/lotion UV protector but I never use it, all the dust and dirt get stuck in my neck! but I use my sunglases! and some times my baseball cap...
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        I used to never use sunscreen, I mean, why? I'd been outside in the sun my whole life.

        Then I had a sore on my nose that wouldt go away for over a year or so, went to the doctor found out it was Basal Cell Carsanoma(skin cancer).

        So they "degloved" my nose, and scrapped it out with what I could tell was just some sharp intrument, sewed me back up. Oh yeah, they only used a local, so I was awake!

        To this day (surgery was 4 years ago, my nose is still numb)

        Now, who wants to wear sunscreen? I know I do! And a big ol hat.
        My hair is turning white, my necks alwayas been red, my collar is still blue


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