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Martha buys the Emeril show?

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  • Martha buys the Emeril show?

    I like to bring up these different business articles to help us all spread our wings a bit and talk about a diverse bunch of topics.

    Are any of you fans of the Emeril show?

    I like his show! I think he has a lot of talent and he is entertaining to watch! I thought this was an interesting business deal. Emeril sells his show to Martha's company and he gets $50 million for it.

    Would you do this if you were Emeril? If you got the $50 million, what would you do with it then? Would you open up more Emeril restaurants? Or what?

    Martha Stewart buys an Emeril franchise - Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia Inc. is bringing in a new celebrity: popular TV chef Emeril Lagasse.

    The New York-based media and merchandising company founded by domesticity maven Martha Stewart announced on Tuesday that it bought the rights to the Emeril Lagasse franchise of cookbooks, television shows and kitchen products for $45 million in cash and $5 million in stock at closing.
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