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  • What software do I need?

    I made a post the other day about getting gopher, I'm still set on getting it, but I think I made a booboo, not sure.

    I bought quickbooks pro, and after checking it out some I don't think I need it. The program seems way too complicated to me, first thing I thought was "if I don't even want to try and figure all this out now, how am I going to sit and enter info during the working season when I'm beat at the end of the day". I'm a solo op for now, I've used cheaper software for routing and it kept track of income and sales tax, thats all i used it for, then I did spread sheets for expenses. I'm still at that point where the paper work side of my business is simple. This makes me think quickbooks is too much for me now. BUT I do intend on getting a part timer maybe this year or next depending on growth.

    Do you guys think I should stick it out and learn quickbooks or should I just use gopher for routing and keeping track of income, tax and expenses?

    The only thing I like about quickbooks from what I'm gathering, is the fact that it will keep track of everything, from my checking and savings account, to income, expenses, and accounts payable even. It would be nice to have order over everything, but it seems like I'd have to invest alot of time into the program?

    Thoughts? I'm just looking for some guidence I guess.
    \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"

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    Software is not returnable ... id dont think... suck it up... buy gopher... and take the next year as you are not too busy and start preparing for growth... youll be glad you did... i can tell you from experience


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      QB says you can return it within 60 days if you don't like it. Don't know if they'd accept my reason for a return or not?

      I got discouraged even more today when the accountant at my girlfriends workplace told me good luck with it. She said she hates using quickbooks, but the company keeps getting it.

      I'm going to keep reading and watching the tutorial stuff. It is a complex program and I'm judging it on only a couple quick looks, I guess I should put more effort into it first before instantly giving up on it.
      \"Every strike brings me closer to the next home run\"


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        winter time is the best time... I spent 67 hours creating a web page one time... A WEB PAGE... yes 67 hours... worst part is the computer crashed 2 weeks after I made it... point being.. I mastered it and understand how to do it... now when I work on my site or a friends site... im glad I put in those hours... labor of love i guess


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          There is a free version of quick books "QuickBooks Simple Start 2008" I have it and it seems pretty easy to get used to


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