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  • Good Starting Mower?

    I am trying to find a good cheap (price) mower to get me started. IS this a good mower for the price.

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    Kawasaki is normally a long lasting commercial lawn mower engine if it has been taken care of with timely oil changes and filter maintenance.

    Spindles are new according to the ad.

    A few things to think about: Have you tested the mower? How well does it start cold? Any smoke? Check bearings on the wheels and castors. Check for belt slips (blade engagement and drive belts). Try to cut heavy grass with it. Does the engine labor or bog down? Listen for grinding/slipping of the transmission. Test it on a hill and/or try to hold it back while it is in first gear. Can you hold it back or is it strong enough to pull you along? Transmissions are costly to repair/replace. Check it in every forward gear & reverse. Check for leaks. Are all guards in place and functioning?

    If all checks out to your satisfaction, you probably have yourself a decent mower. Try to get him to knock $100 off the price. Even if it only lasts 4 or 5 months you probably will be able to make enough with it to upgrade to a newer commercial walkbehind by June.

    Let us know if you decide to buy this lawn mower and what your experience is with it.

    Good luck:

    Start a profitable lawn care business.


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      when you go and look at it, take a $1.00 bill and put it .5 inches in front of the muffler to see how much smoke or oil its burning... It seems like an ok starter, but I would save the money as you make it, and buy a newer machine as soon as you can... but keep that one as a spare... and follow Keiths advice!!!
      Keep us Posted!


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