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  • Insurance Rates!

    Any ones insurance renewals get jacked up this year?

    My auto just renewed and it went up $900.

    My business insurance isnt up yet so I dont know if thats going up.

    I was just going to add another truck. Instead I'm getting new quotes.

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    did they say why
    I wish I could raise my rates like that


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      Nope... No tickets, no accidents, ever!

      Its a nice increase of just under $300 per truck.

      I was just talking to a guy at the auctions. He was asking if my rates went up and I was like no. I get my renewal bill in the mail today and my **** is jacked up.


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        I moved to Ohio from Connecticut for the cost of living. What I forgot about was how good Bidwell's Taverns wings are (cajun honey bbq). I hope you have been there, can not beat it.


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          No, but just wait until the health insurance increases go through. You haven't seen nuthin' yet.


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            900 that s great mine is 1500. 1M liability 2500. Just wait untill the gasoline tax increase hits, 4.50 a gallon or more. Oh Obamacare is going to cost me an extra 500 a month.
            Yeah for the government


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              Insurance and Fuel

              Call 5 diff places, and get quotes emailed to you. tell them your shopping 5 places to get better service and rates and will be deciding when all the quotes are in, 5 phone calls and make them work for you could save you hundreds of dollars, also see if they take safety class discounts, multi line, member affiliations, ask them to tell you how you can get a discount.

              If you use 25 to 30 gallons of diesel in 3 days, your loosing money going to a gas station. this is not a guess or a statement coming out my mouth, ITS A FACT YOUR LOOSING MONEY.

              call a fuel supply place and tell them your usage, you can get an onsite fuel tank, 12v dc pump and pay less then the stations are charging, and then have net 30 days to pay the supplier.

              if they charge 3995 for a 1000 gallons, or 2000 for 500 gallons, your gonna save hundreds if your paying 4.10 or 4.15 at the pump. and a easy to write off expense for taxes.

              and your not filling up with a crew in your truck on the clock watching you and making your labor profit dwindle. 2 guys 15 minutes, 30 minutes of labor at 12.00 an hour is 6 bucks every time you stop for fuel up your loosing, 18 a week 18x4 weeks, 72$ a month you loose filling up with labor in the truck, trust me, do it at the yard with an onsite tank and pump.

              Have one person fill all trucks at night before they go home. or you do it. keep a lock on the pump so no one steals from you.

              right now Erie insurance in ny has the lowest rates. how do i know, cause i called everyone and made them quote me plans.

              for GnL insurance, Farm Family seems to be the cheapest as well.

              Hope this helps


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                Steve thats a $900 increase. My auto insurance is now $3600 a year for 3 trucks. I have one more unregistered that I'm not adding till winter.

                GL is low under $600 a year. Doesnt renew till july.

                Workers comp is $1800 a year. Doesnt renew till july.

                I called a few places and used a few services that get quotes. So far everyone is quoting GL and not auto. The auto is the problem.

                I was going to ad my cars to the auto but the quote one I got charges more for cars then trucks.


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