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    This is ridiculous. Are you trying to be a material supplier?

    I do not understand your thought process for this job (and you "company") for that matter. Your delivering top soil in a open landscape trailer, you get there and have to spend an hour shoveling the material out of the trailer all for like $65.

    Some on please explain to me how this works, because I would NEVER deliver material if I was to it would cost the customer at least $100 for cubic yard when the supply yard will deliver for $50 + the cost of material.

    Life is hard, harder if your stupid


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      This thread is going no where and I love it. These responses are awesome! Keep posting everyone!


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        Just sel it by the bucket full...5 gallon that is.....easier to measure and keep track of....


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          Worst thing you can do in business is leave money on the table. You should always include a delivery charge, same as the place you get it from, if the customer wasn't happy, she sure would have paid at least 3 times what you charged her getting someone else to do it. She played you, simple as that. You should have called her bluff, rode of with the load, not like it would go to waste, you could use it some where else on a different job.


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