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What's your view on this business idea?

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  • What's your view on this business idea?

    Now here is an interesting idea. There are these parties now being held where Taser guns are discussed and sold!

    Do you think this has a chance of growing as a business or would this be nothing more than a little side money here and there.

    Forget Tupperware; it's Taser party time - Before she lets them shoot her little pink stun gun, Dana Shafman ushers her new friends to the living room sofa for a serious chat about the fears she believes they all share.

    "The worst nightmare for me is, while I'm sleeping, someone coming in my home," Shafman tells the group, drawing a few solemn nods from the gathered women. Shafman, 34, of Phoenix, says she knows how they feel. She used to stash knives under her pillow for protection.

    Not anymore, she says, welcoming them to her Taser party.
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