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Chrysler D.O.A.?

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  • Chrysler D.O.A.?

    What's your take now on Chrysler? Is this company going to fold up soon?

    What really bugs me about the auto industry and this might be one of Chrysler's problems, is that the gas mileage on these cars has not improved in forever.

    Why do we have such amazing ingenuity in some industries like say computers, yet cars have ceased to be innovative? Except for maybe Toyota and the Prius.

    What's your view on all this?

    Chrysler CEO: We're 'operationally' bankrupt - Chrysler Corp., the troubled automaker bought by private equity just four months ago, is scrambling to sell assets amid indications of huge losses, as access to cash becomes increasingly scarce, according to a published report Friday.

    "Someone asked me, 'Are we bankrupt?'" the Wall Street Journal quoted Chrysler boss Robert Nardelli telling employees at a meeting earlier this month. "Technically, no. Operationally, yes. The only thing that keeps us from going into bankruptcy is the $10 billion investors entrusted us with."
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