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Lawn care was his starting point.

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  • Lawn care was his starting point.

    Michael Parker is an entrepreneur that now runs a web development business that specializes in search engine optimization. He got his start in lawn care!

    I am always amazed how lawn care is the business platform from which many great entrepreneurs grow from.

    This business teaches you how to market if you are going to survive and then you can take these skills with you where ever you go in the future.

    A bunch of our forum members here are experimenting with offering web services! Who knows, one day you might have 18 employees like Michael does!

    Have you thought of other business ideas you'd like to experiment with?

    One on One with Michael Parker - As a kid, what did you dream of growing up to be?

    I was going to be a professional basketball or baseball player. Once reality hit, I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I started inventing businesses when I was pretty young. My first job was running my own landscaping business during summers in Alaska where I grew up. In college, I'd buy blocks of seats on airplanes and resell them to my fellow students.

    What did you learn from your landscaping business?

    I did that for three years and learned that marketing was key. I paid people to go out and spread business fliers around. I'd blanket the area.
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