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Customer Retention ideas?

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  • Customer Retention ideas?

    What are some things you guys are doing now to help with customer retention? I am wanting to test a few things right away. Also, if you have any specific numbers that would help a lot. Thanks for the help

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    Numbers for what???? The retention all depends on the situation. It could be price, service, i caught your guy peeing being my shed (damage control), so please be mpre specific.


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      We are a fertilizing and weed control company specifically, but what I mean is what are you doing to keep customers around? What has worked to keep cancels down?


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        doing good work everytime is all it really takes .Showing up on time and delivering whats promised is king in this business,at least for me .


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          We have seen a lot of customer retention ideas. I do think good service at a reasonable price should be all that is needed but there is a lot of room to experiment with it.

          I have a section on my blog with articles where customer retention is mentioned or focused on. Maybe some of these will help you with ideas too.
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            Bruces hit the nail on the head. I give good customer discounts....usually very small, but everyone likes a discount. Maybe do a returning customer discount if they come back the next year? Educate them too. I know a lot of fert companies are in it for the quick cash, and spray in the rain. Not a good idea. Explain your service to them, provide good customer service, and do as you said you would. No hidden fees and you'll be good.

            What problems are you running into?


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              Try this- "Hey, I'll see you next spring". And I course I always get this- Uhhh, OOKK, I Guess?!?


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                Try this- "Hey, I'll see you next spring". And I course I always get this- Uhhh, OOKK, I Guess?!?
                How about see you next spring and if you dont want to hire me, Ill just squat for a few days.

                I believe in always improving. To me there is no high point. Every year the customers see me growing with new trucks and new equipment. It shows them that I'm striving for the top. I wont be happy with a few grand a week. I want it all! Now give me all your customers!
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                  I wish I had at least one good suggestion to give in order to retain clients...

                  I just don't know...

                  Oh well, we'll think of something eventually...


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