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What Happens when you don't listen to your customer?

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  • What Happens when you don't listen to your customer?

    If you work near me, I might end up taking your customer.

    Picked up one today!
    The customer complaints?
    SCALPING around the trees, causing weeds to grow.
    NOT weeding the flower beds.
    NOT trimming the Little bit of hedge.
    NOT simply cutting a spreading plant back to the border.
    Why? I really don't know but the customer said he would point, and talk about what he wanted. The LSO would nod say yes then not do the job. Customer believes that language was the problem, customer speaks English LSO spoke Spanish.

    So the business keeps on growing.

    Do Websites do any good? This customer said he pick me simply because of my web site, so yes websites are a good thing.

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    This is very interesting. How do you advise pulling this information out of a customer when you first meet them? Do you ask all of them questions about what they didn't like about their previous lawn care company? Or maybe even what they did like so you know to repeat the good things?
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