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From lawn trucks to tactical trucks

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  • From lawn trucks to tactical trucks

    A little while ago we had talked with Rodman about him starting his Hot Rod Lawn Care Trucks.

    There was another lawn care operator who was able to make the jump to customize lawn trucks. Tony Bass started the company Super Lawn Trucks. He is in the news again with his company.

    It seems they have expanded to offer more than just lawn trucks but also custom vehicles for police. Check this out. I do hope it is inspiring to you.

    Bonaire business develops special truck for sheriff's response team - Tony Bass, who first built a reputation in the lawn care business, moved into specialized truck building several years ago.

    The Sheriff's Response Team vehicle is the first law enforcement vehicle the company has designed and outfitted, he said.

    The company previously designed a lawn care vehicle for the sheriff's office, Bass said, to work in conjunction with the state Department of Corrections inmates who take care of numerous public works lawn projects under the supervision of officers.

    But the tactical vehicle is the first made by his company to enhance and aid law enforcement, he said.

    The tactical vehicle provides for the transport of the response team with its equipment, which can remain stored on the truck, Everidge said.

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