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Judge awards $200,000 to a lawn cutting

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  • Judge awards $200,000 to a lawn cutting

    Have you ever had someone defame your business? What about a past employee? WOW well this judgement certainly had to send a message!

    Have you ever heard of such a large monetary judgement to a lawn care business owner for something like this?

    Lawn cutting business gets $200,000 court judgment - A district judge awarded nearly $200,000 to a lawn cutting business who accused its former employees of business defamation after they went to Swartz Creek Schools with allegations of improper billing.

    Chief Judge Archie L. Hayman last month awarded Scott Smith, owner of Emerald Lawn, $134,686 for loss of customer base, $15,000 for emotional distress, $30,000 for business defamation, $5,000 for exemplary damages and $10,000 for attorney fees, according to court documents.

    The Pettigrews worked for Emerald Lawn, John as a laborer and supervisor from 2001-06 and Marcie as a bookkeeper from 2004-06. In August 2006, after they were fired from Emerald Lawn, they went to the school district alleging that Smith and the school's maintenance supervisor at the time had a quid-pro-quo relationship and that Emerald charged the school district for work it did at the supervisor's home.
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