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Anyone doing tree work right now?

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  • Anyone doing tree work right now?

    I have been getting a lot of calls from people needing tree work. Removing dangerous branches, limbs. And even removing entire trees. So much work that I went ahead and bought 2 new saws (a 20" Stihl workhorse and a 14" Stihl top handle for limbing in the trees). I put some ads on craigslist and have been getting about 2 calls per day. Today I went through a neighborhood and knocked on doors and got some good responses.
    I was just wondering if anyone else was doing the same?
    Can you spot me?

    On another note, I saw this sign on a construction sight the other day.
    Northern California

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    Tree work is part of my business. *At this point I'm limiting myself to smaller trees, up to about 30 feet tall, that need to be taken down or trimmed, and not around power lines for which I am not licensed to work near.

    If needed, I'll sub-contract it out to outfits that can handle it.

    All of my work has come from existing accounts and is secondary to my other service. I've been holding back a bit in expanding this part of my business until I evaluate what equipment I can afford and where it fits into my future plans.

    It pays well, no doubt about it!


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      I was checking at the local college about arborist classes, and was surprised to see that there wasnt any classes offered. I take horticulture classes there and there is plenty of them being offered. I wonder if there is anywhere I can get some training or education in this field.
      Northern California


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