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The Poop Fairy?

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  • The Poop Fairy?

    Now is this a great business name or what LOL. You won't forget it! And I bet the vehicle graphics could really stand out!

    The owner has some big ideas to help expand the business too!

    Good for her!

    OTTAWA: Taking Care Of Business 'Poop Fairy' looking to clean up - There are future plans for The Poop Fairy.

    "I'd like to see my company expand into dog sitting and walking services at some point," she said.

    Browning has a quote that says quite a bit about why The Poop Fairy is a necessity in the Ottawa area.

    "One of my clients asked me how much I would charge his neighbor to clean up their dog's mess in his yard. When I heard that, I knew that my company definitely serves a need in our area."
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