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    I have a few lawns on a street, and there is a neighbor all of my clients warn me about, apparently he's never satisfied with anything.

    His lawn looks terrible, the front is one big hill, and in order to get into the back yard, I'd have to lift a lawn mower with my guy to get it up some steep steps. Not worth my time, especially if he's going to be a p.i.t.a.

    I try my best not to acknowledge this mans existence, but he's getting persistent. He has gone far enough to annoy my clients, asking them what I charge - but they refuse to tell him.

    Sometimes he comes up to me to ask me to give him an estimate, but every time I just leave when I'm done mowing my clients, LOL...

    He already has a lawn guy who does a pretty good job... so... yeah...

    If you remember my post from earlier this season, this is the man who put a restraining order on his crazy son who also harasses my clients, and has a serious mental disorder. I want nothing to do with this family.

    Anyway, I need some good excuses that sound legit, because "NO" doesn't seem to work.

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    Just quote him a ridiculously high price. Tell him thats what you have to get. Make sure its high enough for him to say no and look at you like your crazy. If he happens to accept your crazy number you would then have to resort to drastic showing up to do his lawn wearing @ssless chaps or something.


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      I'd have to lift a lawn mower with my guy to get it up some steep steps.
      Seem like a good enough reason there. Safety issue?
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        I am with wat5150 on this one I have to charge for every blockage. I can not and will not pickup my mower and carrier it down stairs for free. It takes time and you could pull your back.


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          The high price tactic might not work, which is what worries me lol.


          Anyone ever have those lawns that you hate doing? Every day there might be that section you wish you didn't have to bother with? Well this is one of those sections, and spending any more time there would drive me crazy even if I was paid more. I'm satisfied with what I have over there.

          The lawns I do have there are all connected, but not in a way that is preferable. Lots of obstacles and whatnot... extremely tiresome. We spend more time trimming then we do mowing, and hopefully that's an explanation you could all understand.

          I just had a smoked meat sandwich, if you're wondering what that smell is.... it's me.


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            I just tell people that I have no more time in my schedule, and give them a list of others who might be able to provide them thier service. (of course I provide them with people I dont like)


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              as stated before,tell him you dont have the time and be done with it .


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                Tell him you want to rape him in the middle of a conversation and when he says "What, huh??!" act confused like you never said a thing. Works for me.


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                  Tell him you want to rape him in the middle of a conversation and when he says "What, huh??!" act confused like you never said a thing. Works for me.
                  this literally made me laugh out loud. I say try this cheese and tell us what he does. Hell, post a video of it!!!


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                    You seem to be a vey nice guy. This seems to bother you. The next time you see him you need to go tell him to go F himself, and to cut the S, or you will F him up.

                    No way in hell will I push mow a lawn. If I can't ride it I won't mow it. Several of my customers have called the fence guys to make their gate bigger so I can get in the yard.

                    Truth is when I first started I would mow any lawn. even if it was on the side of a mountain.


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                      When working with someone, you come up with nicknames for clients so that we can prepare our minds for whats coming up next, the most famous ones are;

                      Dynamic Duo
                      you never see the husband and wife apart when they want to discuss something

                      Child Molester
                      He fits the description, and he is constantly looking through his window.

                      1000 year old lady.

                      The Weasel
                      The guy is always trying to make deals with us.

                      DogSh*t Lady

                      The Bear
                      Lady with a lot of... hair.

                      Mr feed my dog coffee
                      Lonely old man, always talks about his dog, and gives me useless advice.

                      ... she's hot.

                      Milf 2.0
                      ... second hottest client.

                      Dragon Lady
                      Resembles a street.

                      Client who is a little out of our way.


                      Corner Guy

                      J*w King

                      Clients neighbors house burned down.

                      Hill Asian

                      N***er Guy

                      Some fat guy who looks like Hurley from the show LOST.


                      N***er Milf

                      Mrs I water my lawn

                      Super Asian
                      Big lawn

                      Negative Nancy


                      Mrs I don't want to pay

                      Mr Fartsalot

                      Mr Jesus

                      Dog Sh*t Man

                      New One
                      This client has been new for a very long time, but the name sticked.


                      Now imagine calling clients by nicknames so often with each other, that we actually get to the point of shouting over the trailer about who we're headed for next without thinking of who's listening.


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                        Scott can you just tell the home owner that since he has a lawn care business servicing him already, you all have a professional courtesy where you won't bid on each other's lawns for at least 1 year after the ending of the service?
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