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Tighter hiring rules decried

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  • Steve
    started a topic Tighter hiring rules decried

    Tighter hiring rules decried

    What do you think the consequences of this crackdown will be on the lawn care industry?

    Tighter hiring rules decried - A planned federal crackdown on the hiring of undocumented workers has sparked fears that farmers will be left without workers to pick crops, restaurants without cooks and dishwashers, and small businesses without a ready source of casual labor.

    The new rules also are likely to reduce employment in the construction, janitorial and landscaping industries, analysts say.

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    Won't matter one iota up here in Maine. Most of the summer/seasonal jobs filled by folks from away are well documented and here legally. We don't seem to have the same level of illegals as elsewhere in the USA.

    Having said that, prices will have to rise in order to attract homegrown or from away employees that are worth anything. I'm sure a fair number of outfits will have to downsize or even go belly up because of the lack of help.

    If immigrants are the best help, then reach out to them and make sure they are here legally. If they go through the trouble to get here in proper fashion, that should tell you something.

    There is lots more to the story...lets see what everybody else has to say.

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