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Another landscaper gets shut down in a residential

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  • Another landscaper gets shut down in a residential

    Here is another story of a landscaper having his business shut down that he was running out of his home.

    WOW did you read that? He was storing mulch and grass in his yard. What's the big deal?

    Landscaper told to stop operating business out of his home - DeSantis said Dube built a commercial garage on the property two years ago, which started the noise problem.

    "It became a hub of activity," said DeSantis, whose property abuts Dube's.

    DeSantis said the backyard and garage is used for idling trucks, loading equipment and storing materials, including mulch and grass.
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    my first thought would be....
    storing grass! That can smell pretty bad!

    Mulch i dont see much of an issue with, but it would depend on the guys yard...if he lives on .10 acre and is doing this it would bug most people. the trucks coming in and out, loading and unloading, big piles of supply, equipment all over the place, constant noise, etc.
    But if the guys on 40 acres then more power to him.



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      Reading between the lines, it seems like he had a construction zone in his back yard that never lets up with the noise.


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        Give me a brake! I can understand the complants. A cluttered yard is an eye sore! Lowers property values! Draws in varmints! Hazards! We need the zoning rules/laws!


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          I agree, seems pretty large scale by the sounds of it. I keep equipment in the back yards and we park our trucks on the street, but this guy seems like he was one a whole different scale with this...


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            Maybe there's a weird by-law ?


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