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Robotic Lawn Mowing Dealership?

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  • Robotic Lawn Mowing Dealership?

    Would you ever want to get into the business of selling robotic lawn mowers?

    Is there a service somewhere to offer robotic lawn mowing as a lawn care service provider?

    Robotic lawn care available in Valley - Fran Schmidt, 37, wanted to spend more time with his family, especially in summer, when wife Tracy, 35, a school counselor, and their three children were home.

    The Grand Chute resident began to look for ways to pare down the 1 hours that he regularly spent mowing his nearly acre-sized lawn.

    "I was looking into buying a larger riding mower, when I came across robotic lawnmowers and contacted the North American representative," Schmidt recalled.

    The entrepreneurial couple had always wanted to own a business and had looked into several different options and franchises.

    The Schmidts launched BadgerBots LLC, a sales dealership of LawnBott, a partnership between a Japanese and an Italian company, in January.

    "I can sell anywhere in the U.S., but we are showing the product throughout Wisconsin," Schmidt said.,

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    I would be afraid one would mow over a small child and then I'd get sued. I guess when you have small kids you think about stuff like that. Interesting invention though.
    On a side note, check out this SNL skit called "Woomba". Its a take off of the automatic vacuum called the Roomba. I laughed my butt off.
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    Northern California


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      that great ha ha ah like it that good i will have to see if my wife what one ha ha ha



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