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  • "Sicko" for small business

    Have you seen the movie Sicko yet? What's your take on how do we get the medical insurance situation back under control and realistic?

    FOR MANY SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, HEALTH CARE SYSTEM IS "SICKO" - I recently saw Michael Moore’s health care tragedy film “Sicko” and it got me thinking: What about a "Sicko" just about small business owners?

    There’s a scene where Moore takes former 9/11 rescue workers, who can’t afford U.S. medical care, on a small boat to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. His mission, albeit a futile one, is to get those poor ailing workers the same care now given to suspected Al Qaeda prisoners at the facility.

    Moore should have taken along a boatload of entrepreneurs with him. Actually, he would have needed a cruise ship, maybe 10.

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