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Artificial turf business?

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  • Artificial turf business?

    Have you seen more artificial turf used in your area? Is it something that could be sold in your area?

    Artificial turf helps lawn care get real - "The market is growing exponentially," said Brooks, whose company began operations just a few years ago. "Our biggest (sales) area is in the Southwest, but we also are getting a lot of interest in the New York area. Water conservation is a major issue. It also makes more sense to use it in shaded areas and places hard to get to with real grass.

    "It's a little more expensive upfront," Brooks said. "But there's no maintenance. No water costs. You don't have to mow the lawn. In the long run, the (artificial) grass pays for itself in three years. There's also a manufacturer's warranty on color fade," he said. "It won't show any wear and tear."
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    I feel that there is a time and place for artificial turf. But when it starts to repalce homeowner lawns then there will be a problem. These are my problems about fake turf when used on a homeowner lawn.

    1. temperatures will increase around the property because turf can no longer cool the area
    2. surface runoff will happen which could create pollution because the water can not absorb.
    3. there will be less oxygen production and increase in C02.
    4. If could also effect wildlife because now they have nothing to feed on.

    I do agree that there are some positives though
    1. decrease of maintenance fees for mowing
    2. decrease C02 output from lawn mowers
    3. decrease in pesticide applications


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