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Contact a competitors customers and go to jail?

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  • Contact a competitors customers and go to jail?

    WOW. How about this. One company contacts another lco's customer and gets a jail sentence!

    Have you ever heard of anything this severe before?

    Ruling upholds sentence of co-owner of Nical firm - The 4th District Court of Appeal upheld a ruling Wednesday to sentence the co-owner of a Palm Beach lawn-care company to jail for criminal contempt.

    It's the latest installment in a 10-year legal battle between Palm Beach lawn-care company Scott Lewis Gardening & Trimming and rival Nical of Palm Beach.

    Bilton was found in criminal contempt of a court order mandating Nical not to contact any clients of Lewis.
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    More to the story than whats printed, that's for sure.


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      I wish that I could have read that story. The link is no longer available.


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