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  • Clean Air Lawn Care is expanding

    Are you starting to get a feeling these guys hit on something with their all electric lawn care service? Do you think it is going to take off further?

    Quote[/b] ]A Fort Collins lawn care company that uses all environmentally friendly equipment is expanding to 10 cities this year.

    Clean Air Lawn Care is a lawn maintenance company that uses clean electric equipment including mowers, edgers and blowers.

    New this year, the vehicles that haul the electric equipment will have mounted solar panels to charge the equipment during the workday.

    Kelly Giard started Clean Air Lawn Care last year. This year he is expanding to Boulder, Denver, Boston, New York City, Seattle, Portland, Austin, Atlanta, and Salt Lake City.

    Clean Air Lawn Care plans to reduce emissions by more than 100,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.

    Giard plans to franchise Clean Air nationally starting in 2008. The business is hoping to capture a significant market share as well as encourage individuals who mow their own yards to consider electric equipment.

    "The technology is here, we just need to make people aware of it," Giard said.

    Clean Air Lawn Care hopes to start a revolution in the $7.6 billion dollar lawn care industry.

    Information: 224-4855.
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