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  • A business expansion idea

    Here is an interesting business expansion idea. If you wanted to get your spouse more involved in business maybe? You might be able to sell these services to your current customer base to get things started.

    The initial investment would be minimal as well.

    What's your view?

    In the business of helping people - Q : What does the Home Companions business do?
    A: We provide services for anyone who needs assistance. Our primary target is seniors, but we've had clients as young as 14 ... Sometimes mom and dad are busy. We've taken kids to ballet lessons ... Mom and dad are working more, and often taking care of their parents. It's amazing how fast-paced our lives have become.
    After my grandmother had passed away, I thought about how when you visit someone, your first reaction is to do things to help them **** shopping for meals, taking them to appointments **** when what you really want to do is sit down and talk and hear their stories. So, we try to do the things that people need, so that their families can just visit and spend time with them.

    Q: Of course, all this comes at a price ...
    A: Most fees are between $18 and $21 per hour. It goes up to $35 an hour for things like home renovation and lawn and garden work.

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