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    Well I started in the middle of march, two large commercial properties and I'm making 100$ a week on one, and 50 a week on the other. The small one is minimal work until today.. and the large one is quite a few hours and not too bad of work. But we agreed on bi-weekly payment, and after a 3 or 4 weeks we realized the invoice information was sent to the wrong address, which was really my fault. But i talked to the guy I work for and he told me to email my invoice to his accountant, and they are cutting checks that day. It's been two weeks and I know they got it, but he said he'd take a look at it today and get it back, and for whatever reason I trust the guy.
    The small job just sent a complaint in about the weeds, whoever did the install neglected any sort of barrier, ... so guess who gets the re-install
    I need to bid that now ... o crap.


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