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A dream can spark a business

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  • A dream can spark a business

    A dream can spark a business. It's amazing how this happens. Check out these two sisters who started their garden center when one had a dream of doing so.

    Have dreams ever inspired your business direction?

    Sisters' business grows from storm damage - After a storm damaged the roof of Cindy Smith's Kasson barn, her sister Becky Diekman had what she thought was a bizarre dream.

    "You'll never guess the dream I had last night," Diekman told her sister. "We turned your barn into a garden center."

    Fastfoward seven years and what seemed like a far-fetched idea has bloomed into the Perennial Barn **** a garden center boasting thousands of plants, shrubs, trees and perennials. These sisters are an example of the growing number of area women launching their own businesses.

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