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Collinsville Ill. Anyone on here from Collinsville Ill? Client Opportunity.

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  • Collinsville Ill. Anyone on here from Collinsville Ill? Client Opportunity.

    I friend of mine asked me if I could service her parent's home in Collinsville, Illinois. Snow Removal and Lawn Services. It is WAY out of my service area and I do not know any companies in that area to recommend.

    I asked her to give me a week to see if anyone on this forum is in the area and I can pass your company information on to her. She agreed.

    She's not sure exactly but the lawn is around half acre. and the driveway is around 3500ish feet long.

    The parents know the property needs to be seen for an accurate bid.

    So if you're from Collinsville Illinois, PM me your information and I'll pass it along to her.

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    This could be an opportunity for you to reach out to some of the local lawn care businesses in that area and see if you can swap customers as they come in or pass on the referrals to each other.

    If no one on here responds, consider

    J's Lawn Care
    1251 Lebanon Road
    (618) 345-7664

    Greenside Lawncare
    400 Reed Avenue
    (618) 344-3078

    J B Lawn Care
    Collinsville (618) 779-3843

    Lawn Scape
    Collinsville (618) 410-2342

    Lane's Lawn Care
    7061 Clay School Road
    (618) 346-5608
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      We are from Effingham Illinois

      An hour east away from Collinsville, sorry cant help,

      but glad to see some illinois people on here

      good luck!


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        Thanks Steve, I missed your posting back when, sorry.

        I'll pass that info on...I'm sure they looked but wanted me to check in since the forum isn't such a blind call..

        Wabash...good luck this year. I am in Missouri, across the 270 JB bridge and a bit south. again Good luck!


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          Good luck to you too Saber. Hope the midwest treats you well this year


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