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    Can anyone else share a tip they learned this year?
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      The best productivity solution that I've found so far is the Pomodoro technique. Basically, you work your butt off for 25 minutes straight and then take a 5 minute break where you DON'T DO ANYTHING, except maybe think about what you're going to do next. This has been the most effective way, in my opinion, to keep being productive and avoid burn out.



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        Or get this!

        You know what's refreshing? A cold shower.

        You know what's awesome? A cold shower on the go!

        When it's really hot out, nothing will cool you down throughout the day like a wet towel.


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          Ive tried the Mission cooling hats and bands, the Columbia Omni-Freeze hats and bands, wet towels, fishing hats, fishing shirts, hiking pants, etc., just about everything to stay cool. I sweat sitting down in a 70 degree house, so I run hot and needed to stay cool. Honestly, nothing beats 5 minutes under a shade tree with a cool bottle of water once every 30-60 minutes. I can go all day.


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            Believe it or not, I'm completely bald and normally work in 95+ Houston heat with nothing on my head and amazingly enough don't seem to burn even after 2 yrs doing this. I've tried hats, doo rags, headbands and just about everything else to keep my dome cool. Seems if anything is on my head it sweats balls and makes things worse.

            The headband works ok and I always keep a microfiber towel on hand and have recently been using it as a head cover and its actually worked fairly well. After a day my head fuzz keeps it sticking to my head and it keeps the sun off my head/neck but allows any breeze to filter through.

            Plan to get an Aussie Chiller hat soon so we'll see how those work.


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