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So, Im freaking happy!

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  • So, Im freaking happy!

    Apart from the fact I just had back surgery day before yesterday I am so happy. I just placed a deposit on my new (used equipment. Zturn got 63 hours and walkbehind has less than 8)
    so just be putting it to great use by next month.
    Anyways why I'm posting is I need your help.

    I need recommendations for places (I'd like local but online legitimate place is cool too) to make signs, t shirts business cards software etc. Any help would be great!

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    Glad your back surgery went well! I just had Neck surgery this past August, and had Back surgery about 4 years ago.

    Also, glad to see you got some good equipment, should make your jobs go better.

    No one else has responded yet, so I will tell you who I have used for promotional material.

    Busness Cards: I just got got 500 cards for 9.95, and the shipping was amazingly fast, and the quality was really good too!

    Lettering for my Truck: I used Do it yourself lettering really cheap, really good quality and easy to install. He will also work with you if you are thinking "outside" the box on your design.

    Uniforms: I use Queensboro printing company. They also have promotional items, and send great coupons to your email address almost weekly. I have used many other places, but this one has been the cheapest, and honestly the best quality.
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      to help you with local places we would need to know what city and state you live near or in for somebody to know they live near you. good luck with your new business though.
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        Thanks, keep it coming. Thought it said in my profile sorry. Tampa/Clearwater FL area.


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          I can't wait to see what you got!

          Have you tried something like Maybe they will be able to help you.

          How do you feel your new equipment is going to effect your business this year?
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            I think Vista print is one of the best places to go for business cards.
            i bought about 2500 last year for like 60 bucks? quality was excellent.
            Shipping was sluggish, you can pay more for that to speed up
            pricing was probably higher than other company's.


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