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  • How will you make more money.......

    i know we all want more work and more equipment to grow our businesses and always work on new way's to advertise and reach out to the masses.

    but what if you have the same amount of work this year as last and you don't have much success in gaining new accounts?

    what can you do to make more money off the same amount of work last year?

    do you need better equipment?
    do you need better help? or less help?

    i know everyone's main objective is plan (A) which is gain more clients but we always need a plan (B) and (C) and so on as well as we all know getting the work is only part of the equation.

    i know you all probably think about it everyday and probably beat yourself up a little to. but i am curious as to what others have trolling through their minds in the course of the day as well as determine if i am the only one that drives themselves crazy thinking of the different scenario's.

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    What things did you do during the past season that tells your customers you plan on working for them again next year?

    Have you kept in touch with them during the off-season?

    So with that I will begin.

    1. Same # of customers**Upsell! Sell current customers other services you provide. This may be a simple core aeration and that's it for the rest of the summer, til Fall. If you can do this with let's say>> 20 customers**-ADD that up!

    2. Online presence/marketing**Website.Business Listing. Article writing on your niche (write about your industry). My businesses are found OFF my truck, flyers & paper ads..our production had come so fast the past two years, I was giving jobs away....GIVING JOBS AWAY...

    Roll your eyes all you can ask someone on this very forum about that! Hansen's Lawn Care ...CALL EM, he's been a good friend almost one year now, and guess what? We met off CRAIGSLIST. The great thing is, we're both family men, so we hit it off somewhat quickly.

    O.k. moving on
    **Offering discounts to current customers, if they purchase some other service you provide, like Shrub Trimming, maybe 10% off 2 mowing's. Just think outside the box, even when you THINK that sounds stupid.

    I thought I could never hold a Face Book drawing and it actually be successful, but I did and 3 lucky winners got ONE FREE service! Do you wanna talk about the word-of-mouth? Shoot I actually picked up a paying customer who just so happened to be walking by, while I was honoring one of the winners. KARMA..

    The worst thing you can say to yourself is I CAN'T ! You Can!

    What's been Trolling through my head

    Early sign-up for current customers**To keep the $$$ rolling in, since we've had just ONE plowable snowfall this season. I was thinking of offering current customers the option to sign on early and lock in to last years rates. Haven't quite got it altogether, but that's what has been trolling through my head.

    Well I hope this can give you some ideas, I know we all want the WINNING formula, but "D" lemme tell ya, it's called HARD WORK and it's evident you're ready to work just know you can!

    Man I came from absolutely nothing, I ain't no Donald Trump, but I contribute to society now...
    08 F250 Ext Cab/04 Chevy 3500
    05 F350/04 F350 Diesel/12 Ram 4500 Dump
    4 -60 Toro Zmaster/Lesco 48
    3 -8'2" Boss V-Plows
    1- Hiniker 9'6" V-Plow
    20' Enclosed trailer
    18' Skid & 16' Open Trailer
    2012 - S185 Bobcat


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      that was funny and good as well as full of emotion, i like it.

      i myself am pretty set right now, i have all my contracts out.
      my equipment is ready to roll and all i need to do is work for the most part.

      being i do commercial i have been working on some even larger sites that are maintained by different management companies then the one's i work with and i got to meet the reps and have a sit down with them and i will be sending out their bids this week.

      these sites are like the missing piece of the puzzle for me as far as my route goes and will fill in the gaps nicely.

      i must say it's the 5th year in a row that i have hand delivered my bids in person and i get a compliment of how timely i am as well as the detail in my contracts.
      there really is not to much to upsell because all my contracts are all inclusive.

      but man, if i can get these new sites i think i would call it a good off season effort and i would be happy as a clam.


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