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Do you really know your costs?

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  • Do you really know your costs?

    I went to an estimating seminar yesterday by a guy named J.R.Huston. I always wondered if I had a handle on my business expenses and so forth. I quickly learned I left a lot out of the big picture. Our local landscape organization had him speak for an 8 hour seminar and it really opened my eyes. We started by figuring out true employee costs including tax burdens. We then went into all of the other expenses involved in the business from materials to office and administrative expenses. Next we figured out how much our equipment cost per hour from trucks to skid loaders to leaf blowers including fuel usage for each.
    He had us doing all of it on spread sheets. Then we did some multi crew bid scenarios. My eyes were opened wide by all of this. If you belong to a landscape association please encourage them to invite Jim or someone with his industry knowledge to speak to you. It was by far the best $ 200.00 I have ever spent.
    I am not a spokesperson for him, just a happy client.

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    why dont you be a nice fella and share the spreadsheet? lol

    I could see how this could be helpful. If there was ever a good seminar in my area it would be well worth it to go.
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      I think this is an important topic most newer lawn care business owners can't easily grasp.

      Could you explain to us some of the highlights from the seminar? Any points that stood out to you?
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        Yes, please post. I JUST posted a new thread asking for someone to please explain the business side of our business! Thanks in advance!



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