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  • Shotguns & Lawnmowers store

    Now how about this for a combination store. Shotguns and lawnmowers!

    Do you think this is a combination that will be successful?

    After dreadful start to the year, lawn equipment business back - Shotguns and snowblowers, too

    The lawn equipment business was started by Don Gosma in 1979. Sallee has owned it since 2004.

    Last year he started a second venture **** Sallee's Gun Shop **** inside the building.

    "That has done extremely well for us. We don't stock a lot of inventory but can order about anything anybody wants," he said.

    The shop sells rifles, handguns, shotguns, ammunition and collectible knives.

    But since reopening on March 19, most of the focus has been on the lawn equipment side of the business.

    "We're here, ready to go, just in time the way the weather has been," Sallee said.

    "It was just in time for the mower season. We took in 147 mowers the first week, for service.
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    That is definetely a strange combination


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      Do the mechanics have access to the shotguns when the repairs aren't going so good?


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