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  • Partnering

    How many of us know a good partner when we see one? What Makes a Good Business Partner?
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    A friend once asked me to partner with him. I just said "Why don't you just take all my money, punch me in the face and never talk to me again. It'll save us the trouble of going through a partnership."

    Short, sweet, and straight to the point. The worlds needs more people like you.


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      LOL, yeah, that's a partnership for ya!

      Pretty similar to what it's like hiring friends too!


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        I agree, My brother needed some extra money so I brought him on some gutter cleaning jobs. They only take a hour so I never need help. After doing a few he proposed I get jobs, let him use my equipment and trucks, he'll do the work and split the money. Wow what a offer. When I can just show up and make all of it.


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          What's your view on why partnering just doesn't work out too well more often than not? Is it just that everyone wants to be a boss or is it more that there isn't enough experience for someone to really fulfill the role of the boss? Or maybe something else?
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            It's a lot cheaper and a lot less headaches to just hire help if needed. Not so easy to get rid of a partner if things don't work out. Not to mention you have to work twice as hard yourself when it's an equal partnership to make the same $$$.
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