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LCO has $90,000 of equipment stolen!

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  • LCO has $90,000 of equipment stolen!

    WOW! Here is something to make you consider an alarm system where ever you store your equipment!

    Landscaper’s pickups stolen - Burglars cleaned out a landscaping business over the weekend, stealing pickups, all-terrain vehicles and even a coffeepot and toilet paper, the owner said Thursday.

    The stolen vehicles, equipment and tools were worth nearly $90,000, but it won’t shut down the business.

    Still, owner Kenneth Sexton said he’s furious and doesn’t want the thieves thinking they’ve gotten away with stealing from him.

    Sexton, owner of Greener Grass Lawn Care in Cimarron Hills, is offering a $5,000 reward for information leading to the return of his property and the conviction of those responsible.

    Some of the items stolen from Greener Grass Lawn Care:
    - A green 1998 Dodge pickup with front-end damage
    - A blue 1995 Chevrolet pickup, a brown 1997 Dodge pickup and a black 1999 Ford pickup, all with snowplow mounts
    - Two all-terrain vehicles
    - A black trailer with a Greener Grass Lawn Care sign
    - Six snowblowers
    - Nine trimmers
    - 11 gas-powered blowers
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    That sucks, but that sure doesnt seem to add up to 90k, it looks more like 35-45k TOPS to me. Hes prolly trying to get insurance money or something. Anyways, trucks and trailers are always being stolen over here, I know a few people who have had their truckand trailer stolen at a jobsite, and one guy was car/truck jacked. I know of a company here that had over $500k stolen of equipment. How noone found it is odd though.

    Off topic: Did any one hear about the Detroit Police Tank being stolen. Now, how the #### does someone just realize a TANK is missing. LOL. Hard earned tax dollars sure are hard at work.

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      If you have that amount of gear worth that much, spend some money on an alarm system, LoJack, whatever, and make it difficult for the stuff to be stolen. The insurance company will help out in deciding what to utilize and will probably offer a discount or somehow subsidize the anti-crime measures.


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