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  • Business hit by tornado

    Can you imagine having your business hit by a tornado twice in one year?

    It happened to Jack Robertson Lawn Care.

    STORM STORIES :One year later - Jack Robertson spent 30 years building his business. The tornadoes knocked it down in a matter of moments.

    After viewing the destruction that night, he went home and, with the power still out there, too, wrote out a rebuilding plan by Coleman lantern.

    The next two days were spent cleaning everything out of what remained of the Robertson Lawn Care offices, returning phone calls and setting up shop at a spot in Industrial Park that a friend had offered. March, after all, is the busiest time of year for a lawn care company. They were back in business the Wednesday after the storm.

    "I was very much surprised by the progress," he says now. "Until you're in the situation, there is no book. There's no way to know what you'll do."

    Construction of the new Robertson Lawn Care began May 8, and the company was back in its own home on Aug. 21.

    March 2006 Tornado

    March 2007 Tornado
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