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New proposed immigration ordinances

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  • New proposed immigration ordinances

    Do you think this immigration ordinance is a good idea or a bad one?

    Does your town need a similar law?

    Business owners divided on council's proposed immigration ordinance - On Thursday, the council approved the first reading of a business license ordinance that would require license applicants to sign an affidavit promising to confirm the immigration status of all employees. Any business owner found to be hiring undocumented workers could be fined up to $20,000 and lose his or her business license.

    Business owners have mixed feelings about the proposed ordinance that could become law by mid-April.

    Buck Rogers of Chapman Auto Center said his business does not hire illegal immigrants.

    He said the proposed ordinance is a good way to stop businesses from hiring undocumented workers.

    Charles Buckpitt, owner of CJ Landscaping, agrees with the proposed ordinance.

    "Unfortunately, our government has not picked up the ball on it, so someone has to," he said. "The starting point has to be somewhere."

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    Its easy enough to check on an applicant. Get all the info you can on the person and make a phone call to Immigration. They will check to see if the applicant is here legally or not. Used to do it all the time in my former job. The ones that weren't supposed to be here were almost always picked up and sent back in a pretty short period of time.

    For any business owner to claim they can't spend all that time checking them out, bovine scatology. So make that ordinance a law and go after the business that can't be bothered.

    There is more at stake here than some business's bottom line.


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