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A great insightful look at John Baughman

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  • A great insightful look at John Baughman

    A great insightful look at John Baughman owns Aspen Landscaping & Koi Ponds.

    He really landed a great phone number.

    Would you ever like to install Koi Ponds?

    John Baughman owns Aspen Landscaping & Koi Ponds - CAREER HISTORY: Baughman worked as a carpet cleaning technician for about 15 years, and spent 13 of those years with Stanley Steemer Int. Inc. He began landscaping professionally three years ago.

    FIRST JOB: I cleaned pools as a teenager.

    WORST JOB: Some aspects of carpet cleaning are pretty tough to deal with.

    HOW DID YOU END UP OWNING ASPEN LANDSCAPING & KOI PONDS? I have always liked landscaping and building koi ponds and decided to do what I like as a profession.

    WHAT IS THE BIGGEST DECISION YOU'RE WRESTLING WITH NOW? How to best market my new phone number 888/KOI POND.

    WHAT IS ONE THING YOU WOULD CHANGE ABOUT YOUR JOB? I would like to have someone else do the paperwork.

    WHAT DO YOU LIKE MOST ABOUT YOUR JOB NOW? I like being able to create a unique and natural-looking pond with a waterfall in someone's backyard where there was nothing before.

    WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? The reaction of a customer when I finish a landscaping project for them.

    WHAT'S YOUR MOTTO? Exceed expectations.

    WHAT'S THE BEST THING ABOUT THE BUSINESS CLIMATE HERE? There are a lot of empty yards asking for a pond and patio.

    WHAT'S THE WORST? There are a lot of landscaping companies.

    WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? I like to mountain bike with my family.

    WHAT DO YOU CONSIDER YOUR GREATEST CAREER ACHIEVEMENT? Running my own business on a full-time basis.

    WHAT ADVICE WOULD YOU GIVE OTHERS TRYING TO ENTER THIS FIELD? Do great work and give your customers more than they expect.

    WHAT ARE YOUR CAREER GOALS? I want to be known as the premier koi pond builder in the region.
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