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    I started this pat December a monthly newsletter. A way that I can send customers information about services, news in the industry, upsell on current stuff, etc.

    But I am stuck at what to do now. Alll customers receive a newsletter monthly. So if you are not a snow removal customer, but a lawn maintenance customer then you recieve a newsletter, or if you are a snow removal customer and not a lawn maintenance customer you still get a newsletter. Get the drift, all customers get a newsletter.

    I have received some positive feedback about the newsletter, but the problems that I am encountering are:
    1. It is very time consuming to print out each newsletter
    2. Costs me ink and paper each time I print one
    3. Everyone gets one. Even though they may go out with current snow removal invoices which saves money, I have to mail them just by themselves from lawn maintenance customers. Cost me postage.

    So what should I do? Should I make it where newsletters are only available through email and nothing else?

    Any suggestions

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    give them options...

    Post it yoru website.
    email to customers.
    then the ones that dont do one of the above, print.

    Use a laser printer, that alone will save you a ton of $.
    the have color ones if you need it, but B&W is still the cheapest! could...Once a month drive by all customer houses/biz. and drop of the newsletter, good chance to see if they are in need of a service.

    Or print one out and go to kinkos and make copys.


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      Do you feel they are helping increase sales? Do you promote upsells in the newsletter and can you track if your customers called because of the newsletter?
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