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  • Over the top Alert!!!!

    Ok now is this over thetop or what? Young Buck is now the spokesman for Murray Lawn Mowers!

    WOW! I guess hip hop and Murray have both gone main stream!

    What do you think will this work?

    Does anyone have any pictures of these ads?

    Murray to Launch New “Urban” Riding Mowers Rapper Young Buck to be in new ads for Murray Lawn Thug - This spring Brentwood-based lawn mower maker Murray Inc. plans to roll out a new line of riding mowers designed to appeal to what the company calls “the urban market.”

    “Hip hop culture has gone mainstream, and our research shows that a lot of young homeowners are rap fans,” says Thomas Savage, an executive vice president at Briggs and Stratton Inc., Murray’s parent company. “We want to appeal to that young market and make them our customers for life.”

    In a magazine ad headlined “Mow Like a G,” Nashville-based rapper Young Buck scowlingly perches atop Murray’s new Lawn Thug model, which is tricked out with a chain steering wheel, oversized chrome exhaust pipes and neon undercarriage lights.

    “When it’s time to pop a cap on high grass, my Murray Lawn Thug always has my back,” Buck says in the ad, which is scheduled to run in Vibe and other hip hop magazines, as well as in more mainstream outlets such as Rolling Stone and House & Garden.

    If the Lawn Thug is a hit with customers in the spring mower-buying season, Savage says that Murray plans to expand the line with Lawn Thug Weed Killa and Dirty South Mulch and Sod.

    “We are seeing mowers become less utilitarian machines and more expressions of personal style—kind of a ‘pimp-my-mower’ thing—and we want to be at the forefront of that,” he says.

    Some analysts are skeptical of the approach.

    “This may be a home run for them, but tying show business to lawn care is quite a stretch,” says Amber Throckmorton, who follows the home products sector for investment giant UBS. “You may remember several years ago when Liza Minnelli came out with her Ferti-Liza brand plant food, and it bombed.

    “On the other hand,” she adds, “That Lawn Thug is a fine looking mower.”

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    I personally think that its a waste of money, but I guess that we will see what happens


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      how much money could you really make marketing an urban lawn mower? i live 10 minutes from philly and camden in nj and i frequent both cities and in my opinion there isnt much grass for the residents of these cities to mow. i think its a waste of time and money.
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        I just read this morning that sales of rap music is on the decline. Doubt this marketing ploy will work.

        Also have this image in my head of booming bass coming from the ztr, trucks and trailers with 24 inch rims....nope, it won't work.


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