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When do you get the most customers?

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    Down here, new customers start calling in the beginning of March until the end of April. It really varies after that depending on how many lawn companies left town.


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      It's mid March through late April for us. I get a few calls in May, and then nothing till the following March. Atlanta, GA is known to be one of the most competitive markets in the country. We'll have companies that are located over 60 miles away working in this market.


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        In South Carolina...March for sure, after a few days of nice weather....typically someone moved here during the off season and looking for someone OR the guy who cut it the previous year went out of business and they are looking for someone new

        Then in about June, it gets hot.....another bunch of incoming calls bc the guy they hired this year can't stand the heat or has just gotten slack.

        I make sure to answer every call in March no matter how busy I customer can turn into many more quickly by being the first one on the street of the season.

        Make it a point to work on weekends...people will see you and be sure to carry plenty of cards with you. When someone asks for one, hand them 3-5 and ask them to share them with friends.


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          It's looking like May and June are getting the most votes so far.
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