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    What type of weed control are you guys using also how much does it cost,and how much do you charge to apply? I have a few customers asking me to apply some type of weed control but I don't know what to buy the cheap home depot and lowes stuff kills my grass at home and leaves brown spots I don't want to do that to my customers yard.

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    I use Imprellis, it costs $38 per 4.5 ounce bottle. I don't charge for it, it's free with fertilizing. You can't get it without a pesticide application business license.

    You really need to study before applying chemicals all willy-nilly. Contact your local cooperative extension office for information on purchasing study material, test dates and how to register your business.
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      I use Imprellis ...
      Well, it looks like I used to use Imprelis.

      Dang, it's good stuff, too.
      Boughter's Lawn Care Services Mowing and Fertilizing in New Castle, PA


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        oh boy. very interesting stuff.

        DuPont Suspends Sale of DuPont™ Imprelis®, and Will Begin Product Return and Refund Program

        DuPont is implementing a voluntary suspension of sale of Imprelis® herbicide, and will soon be conducting a product return and refund program for the product.

        This action is consistent with our ongoing discussions with, and response to, the Environmental Protection Agency. If you are a distributor or customer please do not take any action related to this product return and refund program until we contact you with additional information.

        We intend to start the product return and refund program in mid-August.

        We sincerely regret any tree injuries that lmprelis® may have caused, and will work with you to promptly and fairly resolve problems associated with our product.

        We have created this website, and launched a hotline – 866-796-4783 – to make it easier to report problems related to Imprelis® and to answer questions. Please check back here for more information and updates.

        DuPont is fully committed to making sure that our valued customers are satisfied with our products, and to the responsible stewardship of those products.
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