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When to grow?

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  • When to grow?

    When did you know that it was time to grow your business with more customers, more equipment, and employees? What was the turning point? How have you handled it since then?

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    Well, let me think.

    Always wanted to grow. Everytime I did try though, my employees would crap out on me. Always had problems with employees. I would get the work, and then not be able to perform well due to lack of resources. This year I knew it was time to try something different. I am trying the highly restricted H2B this year. Have other companies around me with illegal immigrants. They seem to know how to work. I want to do this the legal way. I have to watch what I'm doing if I want to grow ethically. Besides, the money I spend on these guys is comparable to the money spent of hiring and training anybody local. At least with H2B, the guys know that I am trying to make a better life for them by sponsoring them.

    Well, wish me luck with my growing pains. Hope this works. April will be the arrival day.


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      Let us know how it turns out


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