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  • New ad

    Just finished my new ad design,
    what do you guys think?
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    Hungry Goat Lawn Service, Deltona, FL

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    It's a bit sparse. I'm wondering if you sell goats or if you plant lawns for goats to eat or rent goats to maintain lawns.
    Boughter's Lawn Care Services Mowing and Fertilizing in New Castle, PA


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      Can't really say without knowing what KIND of ad it is...

      Yard sign?
      Business card sized ad for a newspaper?

      From a design standpoint, that dark green at the bottom is screaming to have some text in it. Move it up a bit and you can fit the phone number in there nicely - or even better, run the across the bottom.

      Note that ALL CAPS is difficult to read. (Not my opinion - it's a fact)
      Consider where this will be used - if it's a lawn sign, I'd type it like I did above so it's more easily readable at a glance - people driving by don't have time to "figure it out".

      You have a good base to work with. What you do with it just depends on what the goal is.


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        Please please please don't that this as an insult but rather a constructive criticism. ( you know this is not going to be good)
        The AD look like a 5 year old made it in school. Not very professional at all.
        You should want to bring your company to the next level.
        Do you think Price Club or WalMart or Home Depot would use an ad like that?
        That is why they are so successful and I'm mowing lawns. They know how to get people to buy their product by using clean clear professional advertising and I have an ad on the Piggly Wiggly cork board that my kid made for me.
        I'm sorry but I think Lawn Care is a great job and we should be treating our work as professionals and we should make it look that way at all times be it Clean truck nice organized trailer and reasonably clean uniforms.
        I am tired of being thought of as a bunch of Red Neck labors.
        Sorry for the rant but I think you and all the rest of us are worth more then that AD.


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          Well. I appreciate everyones feedback, I'll report back with my response rate!
          Hungry Goat Lawn Service, Deltona, FL


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            Can tell us what kind of ad it is?


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              You are sending a signal with that ad that says "I am Cheap to hire". You are already setting your prices at the wrong end of the curve in the customers mind.


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