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Landscape design for the birds?

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  • Landscape design for the birds?

    Now here is an interesting niche business idea. This landscape designer will focus designs that attract birds to your property. To those homeowners interested in bird watching, this will be exciting!

    It's a very neat idea. Do you think it will be profitable?

    Landscape design business for the birds - "Although it's officially open, it won't really get going until spring," she said.

    Mohr currently is teaching classes on how to design a bird-friendly yard at The Garden Shed and Learning Center in Appleton.

    Why it's important: Mohr will design a residential landscape that welcomes the particular types of birds that a homeowner wants to see.

    "I use a lot of native plants so there's not a lot of maintenance," Mohr said.

    Mohr's company will design and install without using heavy equipment native plants, which she obtains from several Wisconsin suppliers.

    A full-yard planting would be priced based on size of an average of six plantings and cost includes planning, labor, materials and plants.

    For the Bird Landscaping is affiliated with Wild Ones, National Wildlife Federation and the Audubon Society.

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