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Ski business looks bad, landscaping looks good

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  • Ski business looks bad, landscaping looks good

    The local paper had a big picture on the front page of a ski resort that had very little snow. The article went on to say how they are praying for snow. Then on the flip side you get articles like this where the lcos are loving that there is no snow.

    How has your weather been this winter compared to last?

    Folks Enjoy Another Warm Winter Day - If you own a landscaping business, the weather is fantastic! Kenneth Dent, from Dent and Son Landscaping said, "It's feels like the middle of May right now. In the middle of May, we're perspiring like we are, working hard like we are, we're in mid-season form right now!"

    Kenneth Dent says he and his son have been raking in about thousand dollars a week since the weather has been so nice. Usually, this time of year they are closed for business.
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