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  • Logo Design Request

    Hey Guys-

    My company name is Metropro Lawn Care. *I have seen the work you guys have submitted and I am impressed.

    We need a logo design that is simple. *Our business cards, T shirts and the truck will all sport the same logo.

    I am open to any design. * I prefer the colors used in XRay's M&T Lawncare logo.;st=0

    *I say three colors max - to control multi-color printing costs.

    Thanks in advace for your suggestions!!!!!!!&#33 ;!

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    Hi Maal6225,

    Thank you for posting your logo request. Could you please read this post and follow the instructions before the artists will post design ideas.
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      I guess I should have added that I tried the online order form and was directed to a toll free 888 number but noone answered or the calls went to vmail.

      Guess I'll try again


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        This contest is now active and has been pre-paid. Artists please begin posting and good luck to all of you!
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          306, 307, 308, 309, 310, 311, 312


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            Here are a couple of threads that I initially liked:

            X-ray's colors in submission #1:


            Tiger's 3 leaf icon in submission #157


            I think I'd prefer the logo to be more of a simple icon with the name next to it and maybe the by line beneath it. No borders surrounding the entire image or anything like that.

            Maybe placing the 3 leaf image on a contrasting background shape with the name next to it sans background like tiger's #162?



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              313, 314, 315, 316, 317


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                I think my best bet is to drop the lawn care all together and just concentrate on the name.

                Let's try #313 w/o Lawn care and Mtropro oas one color

                #315 is a nice approach. Try the same style except make name one color and use the leaf combination similar to #313

                Here is another that I liked:


                #298- Let's try a large leaf or combo of leaves in the style of the tree in this submission with the Metropro next to it in one color


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                  317, 318, 319, 320, 321, 322, 323, 324, 325, 326, 327


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                    I am impressed!!!!

                    How about #320 after adding striping lines similar to soupy post for Creative Lawn Care.

                    As it is, the logo is kinda limiting against future service offerings, If you can add the stripes, we can start wrapping things up.


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                        Quote[/b] (TigerDezine @ Nov. 25 2003,9:18)]336

                        I was thinking that the simplified tree icon could be placed against the stripes as if viewing a nicely manicured lawn.

                        Soupy's (Creative landscaping) lines would work perfectly behind your tree Tiger.

                        Can you make it happen?


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                          Soupy's Post

                          Here is the image I mentioned


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                              Let's try these few variations of the same logo #337:

                              1. the striping image on the left of logo

                              2. the striping fills up a semi-circle with Metropro centered on the horizon

                              3. same as #2 with the tree icon on the horizon with Metropro

                              4/5. same as #2 and #3 using the tree in place of the "t" in metropro (with tree icon slightly before the horizon to give some depth)

                              6. same as #2 with tree icon on left of Metropro just short of the horizon (to give the feeling of depth)


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