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  • Can anyone help?

    I need help pricing a church. I'd be cutting about 8 acres and it's got about 5 rows of bushes with 25-30 in each row. I don't even know where to start with giving an estimate on it. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Just a warning, churches normally go on cheap bids. Let's tackle a couple of things first; what is the mowing like? Is it mostly wide open? Any trimming to do? Hills, or hard to reach areas, etc.? Second, what type of shrubs are there. Size, shape, etc.

    If I was to just guess on the mowing and shrubs, before you give any description, and I am basing this on trying to please the church's low price procedure, I would say $200 for mowing each time, and $150 for pruning the shrubs each time.


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      After reading your post again, perhaps I am mistaken? Is it just for mowing and not pruning? The shrubs are in the lawn where you will be mowing at?


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        some of the lawn is open space and some of it is in a parking lots. there is a playground and some is around the building. there are bushes that run on both sides of the walkways and around the parking lot. When I passed the church today I saw that there was fresh chips on the ground. and what if the want chemicals put on the lawn..


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          And not for nothing I don't know where that picture came from it is not me.....


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